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Roast chicken with fig, goats feta & nut stuffing

Roast chicken with fig, goats feta & nut stuffing

Gluten free, Sugar Free, Dairy Free, Anti Candida, Diabetic Friendly, Low Carb, High protein When fresh figs are in season I admit I am addicted, which means I find ways to get them into as many recipes as possible!  I created this fresh fig and nut stuffing one day as alternative to traditional chicken stuffing that contain gluten from the bread crumbs and high sugar dried apricots!. I swear this stuffing mix is so yummy, you may find yourself eating half of it before you stuff it into the chook, like I did!  This stuffing recipe is grain free and made from 100% fresh ingredients,

The Skinny On Fats….why they don’t make you fat!

The Skinny On Fats....why they don't make you fat!

I commonly refer to society’s aversion to eating dietary fats as the ‘Jane Fonda Syndrome’… Why? Because back in the 80’s, bright coloured leg warmers and g- string leotards, were as synonymous with getting fit and healthy, as counting calories and cutting fat from your diet. The interesting fact is when we decided to declare war on dietary fat, our waistlines actually expanded and the obesity epidemic was born!  I blame this phenomena on a combination of the marketing messages being pedalled by food manufacturers, and plain old bad science, because when it comes to understanding the role fat plays in our

Meredith Dairy Sheep’s Yoghurt

 If you have been trying to kick the cow’s dairy, but can’t give up your love of yoghurt, then I highly recommend Meredith Dairy sheep’s yoghurt as a delicous and healthy alternative. Sheep’s dairy contains the healthier A2 protein vs the A1 protein contained in conventional cow’s dairy products. I spoke about the health issues related to consumption of A1 cow’s dairy in a recent post, check it out here. Thanks to Meredith Sheep’s yoghurt you won’t feel like your missing out on delicious creamy yoghurt! See my recipe for mint and tahini yoghurt dressing. I also recommend switching your kids to sheep’s yoghurt because, unllike

Is sugar really the devil in disguise?

Is sugar really the devil in disguise?

The short answer to this is yes. In the twelve years I have been in clinical practice as a nutritionist I have told my patients of all the changes they could make to their diet, cutting out sugar would create the greatest impact on their health . This is because sugar forms the basis of so much of our western diet and I’m not just talking about the obvious sources such as adding sugar to your morning coffee. I’m also referring to the hidden sugars that appear in so many processed foods now days. Even worse, manufacturers have been trying

Have we taken the sun safe message too far?

Have we taken the sun safe message too far?

  I recently read an article in a Sunday magazine interviewing the beautiful Aussie actress, Cate Blanchett about her views for preserving and maintaining beautiful skin. There is no doubt the journalist’s choice in Cate Blanchett as a spokeswoman and icon for beautiful healthy skin was aptly chosen, however whilst her flawless complexion is undeniably a combination of blessed genetics, healthy diet and a scrupulous skin care regime (she is the face of skin care brand SKII after all), I was disturbed by the journalists extreme and unbalanced portrayal of the dangers surrounding sun expsoure – choosing fear based quotes such as ‘sun

Home Made Almond Milk

Home Made Almond Milk

 A – Alkalising, VV – vegetarian vegan, AC – Anti-Candida, SF – sugar free, DF – dairy free, GF – gluten free   I promised my fellow health nuts I would post a recipe on how to make your own almond milk! Almond milk is a great tasting, dairy free alternative for smoothies, tea, over your muesli (gluten free I hope) or in recipes in place of cow’s milk.  Aside from soaking the almonds – which you can do while you’re at work or overnight, this recipe will take 5 minutes to make! Almonds are rich in good fats so you won’t pack on the pounds

Coyo coconut milk yoghurt

Last week I recommended you give the cow juice a miss, but there’s no need to despair over missing out on your morning yoghurt!  Coyo have come to save the day with their delectably delicious all natural coconut milk yoghurt, in a choice of plain or three real fruit flavours – mango, berry and passion fruit – although I do prefer the plain flavour over all as it is lower in sugar.  The reason these guys get my nutritionist tick of approval is thanks to their like minded belief that food should be kept real with no nasty artificial additives

Why you should give cow’s dairy the flick

Why you should give cow's dairy the flick

  If there’s one food I get asked about from a health perspective more than any other its cows dairy, (closely followed by gluten and wheat).  So I want to help clear the confusion surrounding this topic because I get the sense there is actually a lot of fear when it comes to deciding whether to avoid the cow juice – milk! Naturally this fear stems from the understanding we have around the links with maintaining healthy calcium levels and preventing conditions like osteoporosis, tooth decay and rickets. This I understand, however consider this, cow’s dairy is not a traditional

Meredith Goats Feta

This week I thought I’d recommend Meredith goats feta, not just because it’s my favourite brand of goats cheese thanks to its soft, creamy texture – unlike so many supermarket brands that are dry and tasteless, not just because its drenched in garlic infused olive oil, herbs and pepper corns, creating a truly exquisite flavour, not just because they practice sustainable farming and use renewable energy on their beautiful family run farm in country Victoria, but because I think it’s important for you to know that fat is not the enemy when it comes to our health – not when

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