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Hi Guys,

As part of the community I am building around natural health and wellbeing on my blog, I am starting a club for all you sufferers of auto immune disorders. It seems there are a lot of you out there, but sadly there is not as much reliable and effective advice to really get to the core of stopping it in its tracks.

Through my blog I will be dedicating a series of ongoing posts and webinars towards understanding and treating auto immune illnesses. So if you would like to be a part of that and receive regular email alerts whenever I post advice about treating auto immune conditions, then whack your details down below and Ill do just that.

And remember, I’ve been there too – having previously suffered from Lupus SLE and Hashimoto’s. I’ve just been lucky enough to be spat out the other side after a lot of hard work, dedication and applying my technical skills and training as a Nutritionist who treats the cause not just the symptoms.

Hope to see you soon

Til then – Take care


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