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FAQs – 6 Week Eat Yourself Healthy Program

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What can I expect to feel on the EYH program?

I have designed the EYH program to rebuild your health from a grass roots level, starting with your digestive system through eliminating the foods that’s pose the biggest issues with your health and replacing them with foods that help to repair, alkalise and reduce inflammation within your body. As your body starts to recalibrate the biochemistry of your body will begin to shift and you will experience more energy, natural weight loss, better bowel function, a sharper, clearer mind and more balanced moods and deeper sleep. Your skin and whites of your eyes will become clearer and your hair and nails will become stronger and shinier. Overall every cell in your body will begin to function better. If you suffer from any pre-existing condition whether it be high cholesterol or blood pressure, anxiety, depression, IBS, arthritis, headaches or migraines, the EYH program is designed to combat the underlying cause of any health condition or illness. Of course results vary with each individual and you may need to combine the EYH eating program with my gut repair an detox supplement pack for maximum results

Will the EYH program repair my gut ?

“Is the pope a catholic?!” I have been preaching and practicing the importance of healthy gut function for nearly 18 years. The core principles of the EYH program are based around repairing your gut not only to ensure healthy digestion, but for maintaining total health and wellbeing and preventing chronic illness later in life. So no matter what your health goal or issue, the EYH program will help you to reach your full health potential, whilst preventing chronic illness.

Is the EYH program Gluten Free?

Yep, its’ gluten and cow’s dairy free and the program provides heaps of information about healthy gluten and cow’s dairy free alternatives, along with delicious recipes to tantalize your taste buds!

Is the program vegetarian / vegan-friendly?

Whilst I advocate eating some 100% grass fed red meat and organic chicken to maintain optimal protein consumption, I understand that animal protein does not agree with everyone – for moral or health reasons – so I have included some vegan / vegetarian recipes in the program, whilst others can be adapted to suit vegan/vegetarians.

Is the EYH program suitable for kids?

Sure is! Eating healthy is essential for young children, because every thing you feed them is shaping and influencing their future health as well as how they behave and function right now. The EYH program is nutritionally balanced to meet children’s nutrients requirements and is especially effective at addressing childhood allergies, and food intolerances, frequent colds and flu’s, hyperactivity and learning and concentration difficulties, as well as helps to combat childhood asthma and ADHD and symptoms associated with autism.

Will the EYH program help with food intolerances and sensitivities?

Why yes indeed it will, in fact the EYH program is designed to tackle just that through eliminating the most common food that folks tend to be intolerant or to. But the best part of the EYH program is that it doesn’t just eliminate the common foods people react to, it also focuses on repairing and healing your gut so that your immune system gets back into balance and you become less reactive or sensitive to certain foods.

Can I stay on the EYH program for longer than 28 days?

Be my guest! In fact I highly recommend you adopt the principles of the EYH program for life at least 80% of the time, to ensure you stay as healthy as possible! The EYH program is designed to help you form healthy eating habits for life by rebalancing the biochemistry of your body, so you won’t want to return your unhealthy eating habits. Why feel good for just 28 days when you can feel great for life!

What happens if there is a food that I can’t eat on the EYH program?

If you have an intolerance or allergy to any of the recommended foods on the EYH program, then of course I strongly recommend you continue to avoid these.

Can I still eat out the EYH program ?

Sure can, there are plenty of eateries and restaurants now days that cater to eating the EYH way, just as along as you are sticking to the core principles of the program, there is no need to stay at home like a ‘Nigel no mates’ and dine alone, or turn down that hot date!

Can I drink alcohol on the program?

If your goal is to look and feel as healthy as you can as fast as you can, then I recommend you avoid all alcohol for the duration of the 28 day program. However I know that sometimes important birthdays, (and no your best friends budgie, or your mum’s, brothers friend at work’s sister’s birthday doesn’t count) or events like weddings and anniversaries can fall in the middle of the program, so my advice is rather than wait for a 4 week stretch to appear in your diary when your social life is as dead as a doornail, just get on with it and start now, because it is as good a time as any and there will ALWAYS be an excuse. If you do choose to drink on the program, I advise sticking to no more than a glass or two of red wine or white spirits like vodka with sugarless mixers such as soda water and fresh lime or lemon.

Will I need to do lots of cooking on the program?

Well if drive thru Macca’s or Chinese takeaway has been your idea of a home cooked meal, then no doubt you will be making an adjustment to getting back in the kitchen to prepare your own food. But no need to stress, because I have designed my recipes for busy, time poor people with no prior cooking experience required and many of them can be doubled or tripled to store in the fridge or freezer for the next day or two.

Can I do the 6-Week Program if I am pregnant or breast feeding?

The short answer is yes! Although Sally recommends that you avoid the initial 2 – 4 day ‘Strip Back and Alkalise’ stage of the program as this is based on a juice and vegetable fast, which is not recommended if you are, or could be pregnant or breast feeding. Otherwise the foods and meal plans recommended on the program will serve to optimise your health during pregnancy and assist with shedding any excess baby weight if you are breastfeeding, because it is based on eating low sugar, unprocessed, fresh nutrient dense foods – exactly what nursing or mums-to-be should be eating for a healthy happy pregnancy and bub! If in doubt, please consult with your health practitioner to see if this program is right for you.

Is the 6wk program suitable if I have food sensitivities?

You’re in luck! Sally’s nutritional philosophies are based on eliminating the most common 8 foods and beverages that people tend to experience an intolerance or sensitivity to. Sally also recommends combining the eating program, with her gut repair and detox supplement pack, as this will give you the best results to help regulate your immune system, reducing your overall sensitivity to various foods and environmental allergens. Of course if there is any particular food that you know you have a sensitivity to that Sally has not recommended you avoid on the program, you should continue to eliminate it from your diet. Unfortunately, we cannot customise menus to suit your individual needs, beyond what is offered on the program, but feel free to make any amendments to her recipes or meal plans to suit your needs.

I follow a Paleo diet, is the EYH program suitable for me?

Sure can! The EYH program shares the bulk of the Paleo eating principles so you won’t have any problems sticking to the Paleo diet.

Is the Program FODMAP’S friendly?

The 6WK Program isn’t completely low FODMAP’s, although many of the recipes are, or can be easily modified to suit your individual degree of sensitivity.

I’m short on cash, will the Program break the bank?

Sally understands good health can be expensive but in reality it really doesn’t have to be! But then again, what price can you put on your health and feeling good? In saying that Sally has designed many of the meals on the program to be economical and we encourage you to choose those that contain ingredients that are in season and to cook in bulk where possible to reduce waste.. The Meal Plans for one cost around $100 a week, which is only $15 a day, less then what you’d spend dining out! However, depending on how well stocked and fancy your pantry is, this may vary. But the better stocked your pantry is, the more healthy ingredients you will have on hand to cook up the delicious and simple meals on the Program and the healthier you will look and feel….so really, it’s really a win win overall!

Will the Program help to improve my health condition?

The EYH Program works to heal your gut, reduce inflammation and balance your hormones through using food as medicine.   For even better results, Sally recommends combining the program with her GUT REPAIR & DETOX pack as this will work to overhaul the health of your digestive system which is where so many illnesses and health problems stem from. Whilst we cannot guarantee to what extent any pre-existing condition you may enter the program with will improve from undertaking the program, Sally has seen the vast majority of her patient’s health improve considerably when she has treated them this way in her private practice. We recommend you consult with your health care practitioner before making any significant changes to your diet.

I have not received the link to download the e-book.

Please check your spam or junk mail folder for the link to download the e-book. Please contact us if you require further assistance.

Can I buy a hard copy of Eat Yourself Healthy In 28 Days?

If you do not own a printer, the e-book can be purchased in hard copy for an additional $8. Please note this is a printed and bound version only.

What can I take for constipation?

There are many courses for chronic constipation – both physical, emotional and dietary related and the solution can take time to take effect. Start by ensuring you are drinking enough filtered water each day around – 2 -3 litres in the case of chronic constipation and ensure you are following my Eat Yourself Healthy program to remove all inflammatory foods and toxins.
YOu may like to combine the eating program with the Gut Repair and Detox pack as the supplements contained in this will significantly improve your overall digestive function.

Chronic stress and an underactive thyroid, will need to be addressed in order to resolve chronic constipation.

Can I do the detox whilst breast feeding?

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the suitability of Sally’s Eat Yourself Healthy In 28 days, eating program for nursing mothers. In short, this program is suitable to embark on with the exception of avoiding doing the ‘Strip back and alkalise’ stage on its own. However this can be incorporated into the rest of the Eat Yourself Healthy eating program, eg: the vegetable broth and juice can be included as part of the rest of the eating program.

Will the Gut Repair and detox pack’s assist with weight loss?

Most certainly. The amount of weight loss you experience on the program will depend on your pre-existing health, so results will vary from person to person. The majority of people experience between 4 and 8 kilo’s in the first 28 days whilst others find the weight starts to shift after the initial 28 days, especially in cases of hypothyroidism or chronic constipation.
For maximum results, Sally recommends adopting the EYH program at least 80% of the time for life. By combining either of Sally’s Gut Repair and Detox supplement pack’s with the EYH eating program you will maximise any weight loss, through improving your digestive function as well as eating a healthier diet.

Can I take supplements during the strip back and alkalise stage?

Sally recommends starting any nutritional supplements after completing the Strip Back and Alkalise stage of the EYH program. Do not stop any prescription medications without seeking medical advice first.

What’s the difference between the Liver & Bowel pack and the Gut Repair & Liver Detox packs?

The Gut Repair and Detox pack contains all the supplements required to heal your gut and detox your liver and bowel, whereas the Liver and Bowel pack targets liver and bowel detoxification and improves the digestion of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.
Sally recommends starting with the Gut Repair and Detox pack to ensure maximum results and improve your overall digestive function and then you can maintain with the Liver and Bowel pack. You may also choose to continue the probiotic contained in the Gut Repair and Detox pack for a more comprehensive treatment.

Do I need to own a juicer to do the EYH program?

Whilst investing in a juicer will be a worthwhile step towards achieving and maintaining optimal health and wellbeing for life, you may use a blender if you own one instead. Alternatively you can visit your local health food store and buy a fresh organic juice. Just request the combination Sally recommends in her e-book.

How will the gut repair and detox packs alleviate IBS and improve digestion?

If you suffer from IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome – I recommend combining the Eat Yourself Healthy™ eating program contained in the e-book with the Gut Repair and Detox supplement pack to ensure maximum results. The nutritional supplements in this pack work to repair leaky gut – eliminate diarrhoea / loose bowels, gas and bloating, remove Candida and parasites and improve bowel frequency. The probiotic formula will replenish and restore balance to your gut flora colonies – essential for healthy bowel and immune function. The digestive enzyme improves the digestion of fats, carbohydrates and dietary proteins and prevents gas and bloating after meals.

How long can probiotics be unrefrigerated before they are damaged?

Bioceuticals probiotics can be unrefrigerated for up to 3 days without causing major loss to the probiotic count, such as during transit from the warehouse. The Bioceuticals Ultrabiotic45 formula contains 55 billion good bacteria at the time of manufacture to accommodate for any loss during transit time which should be no less than 45 billion at the time of delivery. Orders received on a Thursday or Friday will not be dispatched until the following Monday to avoid being held up by the week end.
If you order 3 or more bottles of Ultrabiotic 45, they will be sent in a cooler pack.

Where does Sally recommend I study nutrition?

If you are interested in studying to become a qualified Nutritionist or Naturopath, Sally recommends the following colleges and universities.

ACNT – http://www.acnt.edu.au/
Nature Care – http://www.naturecare.com.au/
Endeavour College of Health http://www.endeavour.edu.au/

If you want to combine your nutrition course with a Bachelor of Human Health Science, Sally recommends:

UNE – University of New England
USC – University Sthern Cross
Swinburne University – Melbourne

How much water should I drink on the program?

The amount of water a person needs to consume each day depends on their height, weight and muscle mass, as well as their exercise and heat exposure. A good starting point is no less than 1.5 – 2 litres of filtered water per day. This excludes any other liquid or black tea or coffee. Because your body will be detoxing initially on the program, you will need to drink more water than usual to enable your body to process the excess toxins for easy elimination. This is especially important for keeping your bowel regular and for preventing headaches and fatigue.

Can I claim Sally’s consultations with private health funds or medicare?

Medicare rebates only apply to consultations with medical doctors, however you will need to enquire with your private health fund as to whether they cover consultations with Nutritionists. Please note Sally is not a dietician and many private health funds only cover consultations with dieticians. Private health fund rebates on consultations with nutritionists is usually only $20 for the initial consultation and $10 per follow up consultation.

Sally’s provider number is 9979.

What is the expected dispatch & delivery time for orders?

Supplement orders received before 2pm, Monday to Friday are dispatched the same day. Orders placed after 2pm will be dispatched the following business day. Orders containing probiotics will be dispatched between Monday to Wednesday to prevent delivery being delayed by the week end. Delivery is usually 1 – 2 business days for metro areas in Australian capital cities. Regional areas and orders to WA, can take up to 5 – 6 business days.

What can a Nutritionist like Sally do for my health?

Many people assume a Nutritionist just advises someone on how to eat healthy food and count calories! But Sally’s approach is very different to that of a classic dietician. For starters her studies were not in the field of dietetics, but more along the lines of Orthomolecular / Nutritional Medicine, where she learnt to use food and nutrients in medicinal doses, to heal the body from illness, rather than using pharmaceutical medicine and how to implement preventative health programs to ensure optimal health.

Sally’s holistic approach to health – meaning the whole person is treated when they come for treatment, takes into account their physical, mental emotional and spiritual self. What they eat, how they eat, when they eat, what is their relationship with food, for instance do they commonly look for food on the run, something quick, high in sugar or salt, or do they seek out nutritious, whole foods, taking time to eat slowly in a happy relaxed environment. A person’s lifestyle choices, career, living environment, relationships, etc has a major influence on their health and wellbeing, so all of these factors are taken into account when assessing and treating each patient.

What is Orthomolecular Medicine?

Orthomolecular medicine, was conceptualized by the renowned double-Nobel prize winning, Chemist Linus Pauling. An Orthomolecular medicine approach aims to restore the optimum environment of the body, through correcting individual imbalances or nutrient deficiencies, using substances natural to the body such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements and essential fatty acids. The principle behind orthomolecular medicine is that genetic factors affect not only the physical characteristics of individuals, but also their biochemical environment. Diseases such as heart disease, cancer, anxiety and depression, are associated with specific genetically inherent, dietary and environmental factors, causing biochemical imbalances which contribute to illness. An Orthomolecular Medicine approach aims to treat all of these contributing factors to illness.

What is the difference between Sally and a Naturopath?

A Naturopathic approach to health is very similar to the Orthomolecular / Nutritional Medicine approach used by Sally, in that both modalities view and treat the body holistically using a combination of whole food eating, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs to correct underlying nutrient and biochemical imbalances to heal the body. Sally’s approach to achieving your full health potential focuses on healing your gut first and foremost, no matter what your presenting ailment.

Does Sally use natural supplements to treat my health condition?

Yes, most patients are prescribed individualised, therapeutic or medicinal doses of specific combinations of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and herbs, in addition to comprehensive dietary advice. The duration of Sally’s treatment programs is determined by your pre-existing health condition and desired health goals.

What can Sally’s approach to health offer that pharmaceutical medicine cannot?

Sally applies a nutritional and functional medicine approach to treat a wide range of health conditions and chronic illnesses. Sally applies scientifically proven treatment and testing protocols to provide you with a comprehensive assessment and treatment program for achieving optimal health. Her approach aims to target the underlying cause of any biochemical imbalance within the body, as opposed to the use of chemical based pharmaceutical drugs to simply treat the symptom and induce negative side effects and nutrient deficiencies. Sally believes the body has the ability to naturally heal itself, provided you create the internal and external environment to enable it to do so. Most importantly Sally will provide you with the knowledge and resources to enable you to become your own best doctor and carer, so you can take charge and be in control of your health for life, whilst preventing chronic illness and disease.

How does the digestive system influence your overall health?

The digestive system is arguably the most influential body system over your entire health and wellbeing for a variety of reasons. Firstly the digestive system is made up of several organs including the small and large intestine, which has the surface area equivalent in size to a tennis court! Lining this massive surface area, are trillions of friendly bacteria referred to as your microbiome. These bacteria outnumber the cells in our body by a ratio of 10 to 1. Up to 80% of your immune system is contained within your gut, so if the number of bad bacteria outnumbers is your good bacteria within your gut, your immune system and overall health will suffer. The liver is also part of your digestive system and is responsible for processing and eliminating waste and toxins from your body. If this organ becomes overloaded with toxins it becomes sluggish and you are more likely to feel fatigued, irritable, less motivated, as well as gain weight more easily and suffer hormonal imbalances, and bad skin. So in a nutshell if you look after your digestive system you will be taking care of your overall health and wellbeing!

Can I have a consultation over the phone?

Sally is available for Skype or Phone consultations both nationally and internationally by appointment. Please visit the contact us page to find out more or to book a consult.

How long should I expect to see results on Sally’s programs?

The time it takes for you to experience a major shift in your health, will vary between each individual and your pre existing health condition. However you should expect to see some changes as early as a few days. Others will take longer depending on the nature of your condition and other factors influencing, including your lifestyle, stress levels, sleep, work hours, and of course your compliance to the eating and treatment program prescribed to you. Remember you will get out what you put into your body. Some people may experience side effects associated with the detoxification process, however these will subside within a few days to a week or so.

Can Sally work with my GP or other health practitioner?

Sally is happy to work in conjunction with your medical Dr or any other health care practitioner, providing they are open to adopting an integrative and nutritional medicine approach to improving your health.

Can I still take my prescription medicine if I see Sally for guidance with my health?

Sally will not advise you to stop any prescription medication without first consulting with your prescribing Dr. If the aim is to work towards weaning you off any prescription medication, this will also be done in consultation with your prescribing Dr, but not before treatment with the appropriate nutrients is undertaken to prepare your body to come off the prescription medication. This is to reduce the chance of any side effects, and only if appropriate for your condition.

Will I lose weight?

The main aim of EYH program is to teach you how to develop healthy eating habits for life so that you can experience an ongoing level of optimal health and restore your natural appetite and find your bodies natural healthy weight. So although many people lose weight on the program, for some, the bulk of their fat loss process begins towards the end, or after the program, depending how long it takes to restore the function of their digestive and bowel function because this is the most effective way to reignite your metabolic rate long term. Exactly how much weight you stand to lose on the program is dependent on any pre-existing symptoms you may come into the program with.

Is this a detox program?

If you are keen to overhaul to your health then it’s a given that the program should improve the function of your digestive system and stimulate natural detoxification to eliminate all those nasty toxins.  You won’t need to worry about eating any rabbit food though, because I have designed my recipes and meal plans to be packed with flavour! So you will never know your body is detoxing, except that you will start to look and feel fantastic!  Any of the meals can be adapted to be included in your every day diet beyond the program.

Can I join the program from overseas?

Sure can!  No matter where you live in the world, I’d love to have you on board!  You can view the daily videos and emails I’ll be sending you anytime of the day. And because the webinars are pre recorded they will be delivered to your inbox for you to view whenever it suits your schedule.

Do I have to give up alcohol and coffee?

Coffee and alcohol are two of the most common substances that cause problems with our health, for the simple reason that they are toxins, placing excess stress on our liver and adrenals.  If you are serious about getting healthy and feeling the best you have ever felt, then doesn’t it make sense to avoid the things that make you look and feel anything but your best?  It’s only for 28 days and I’ve included plenty of healthy and delicious beverages so you won’t be craving your morning coffee and you’ll feel so good you won’t want any alcohol.

Is the program suitable for my family?

There is no reason why you can’t get your whole family eating the EYH way because they will only stand to benefit. Sally has designed the meals on the weekly menu’s so that they can be adjusted to feed any number required. We know your partner and kids will love the food on the program and there is no way anyone will feel like they are on a ‘diet’ because Sally does not believe in diets – only healthy eating for life!

Ready to Eat Yourself Healthy?

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