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Monthly archive for November 2014

Do you have autoimmune disease because you hate yourself? Perhaps not…

A recent article written by a journalist on the supposed ‘cause’ of autoimmune disease, left me shaking my head – aghast and appalled at the blanket approach the author claims is the reason why millions of women suffer from autoimmune disease –  apparently all AI sufferers ‘loath themselves’…? If there is one thing I have learn’t in my 14 years in clinical practice as a Nutritionist specializing in treating chronic illness – in particular AI disease, it’s that no single case is the same, just as there is no single cause of AI disease. My approach to treating any and

Why your thyroid pathology maybe ‘normal’ but you don’t feel it

Why your thyroid pathology maybe 'normal' but you don't feel it

  If you’ve been following my blog, you may recall in my previous thyroid post that when it comes to pathology testing, you only find what you look for  and this certainly applies to sufferers of thyroid disorders.  Over 40% of women suffer from an underactive thyroid,  yet the majority of them are going undiagnosed or being told by their Dr they have ‘normal’ thyroid pathology results, despite presenting with classic underactive thyroid symptoms of fatigue, weight gain, depression and brain fog.   Worse still, even the cases that are being diagnosed, are either receiving inadequate diagnosis and or treatment. This was

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