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The Chia Co Chia Shots

The Chia Co Chia Shots

Chia seeds are true super food and these nifty chia seeds shots are a convenient way to keep your digestion regular when you’re travelling. Grown in Australia’s beautiful Kimberley region, The Chia Co are the largest producer of chia seeds in the Australia. Chia seeds are a rich source of soluble and insoluble fibre as well as omega 3 essential fattty acids. Add a shot of chia seeds to a protein shake, yoghurt or porridge, over a salad, just about anything you can think of. Just another way you can use your food as medicine. You can read more about the nutritional benefits of chia seeds

Rainbow Chai Tea

Rainbow Chai Tea

  A delicious coffee alternative, Rainbow Chai make a traditional spiced Chai tea blend that will keep you warm and grounded this winter. Available in lose leaf or tea bags. The difference between Chai and black tea is the addition of specific Ayurvedic ingredients such as cardamon, cinnamon, cloves, star anise and ginger to give it that rich aromatic flavour. Australian grown, brew some up and go into the draw to win a return ticket to India while your at it! See competition details here.

Spiced Dandelion Tea

Spiced Dandelion Tea

If you’re looking for natural ways to spice up your palette, the Chai Tea company have perfected the art of producing a range of beautiful tea blends, made from traditional recipes. This week I am recommending their delicious coffee alternative – Spiced Dandelion. Your liver will also thank you as, unlike the negative impacts coffee has on your liver, dandelion acts as a natural liver tonic through stimulating natural liver and digestive processes as well as possessing a gentle diuretic action to purify the blood.  It’s even been touted as a natural way to assist in weight reduction, cleanse your skin and eliminate acne, as well as

Doodles Creek Aioli

I love the Doodles Creek range of products because they are the next best thing to making your own homemade mayonnaise & aioli! Doodles Creek products get my nutritionist tick of approval because they are 100% natural with nothing artificial. A healthy source of fat, and perfect for adding flavour to fish- see this weeks recipe for pan fried flat head with doodles creek aioli, salads and whatever else takes your fancy – yum!

Meredith Dairy Sheep’s Yoghurt

 If you have been trying to kick the cow’s dairy, but can’t give up your love of yoghurt, then I highly recommend Meredith Dairy sheep’s yoghurt as a delicous and healthy alternative. Sheep’s dairy contains the healthier A2 protein vs the A1 protein contained in conventional cow’s dairy products. I spoke about the health issues related to consumption of A1 cow’s dairy in a recent post, check it out here. Thanks to Meredith Sheep’s yoghurt you won’t feel like your missing out on delicious creamy yoghurt! See my recipe for mint and tahini yoghurt dressing. I also recommend switching your kids to sheep’s yoghurt because, unllike

Coyo coconut milk yoghurt

Last week I recommended you give the cow juice a miss, but there’s no need to despair over missing out on your morning yoghurt!  Coyo have come to save the day with their delectably delicious all natural coconut milk yoghurt, in a choice of plain or three real fruit flavours – mango, berry and passion fruit – although I do prefer the plain flavour over all as it is lower in sugar.  The reason these guys get my nutritionist tick of approval is thanks to their like minded belief that food should be kept real with no nasty artificial additives

Meredith Goats Feta

This week I thought I’d recommend Meredith goats feta, not just because it’s my favourite brand of goats cheese thanks to its soft, creamy texture – unlike so many supermarket brands that are dry and tasteless, not just because its drenched in garlic infused olive oil, herbs and pepper corns, creating a truly exquisite flavour, not just because they practice sustainable farming and use renewable energy on their beautiful family run farm in country Victoria, but because I think it’s important for you to know that fat is not the enemy when it comes to our health – not when

Tridosha Salt and Spice Blends

I love these products not only for their cute stainless steel containers, but because they are a great way to add healthy flavour to any savoury dish, so there’s no excuse for bland meals ever again, even on a detox! There are 5 blends so try them all.  Best of all this range use sea salt – rich in trace minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, manganese, magnesium, zinc & some iodine.

Vital protein powder

Considering I believe most protein powders on the market are little more than junk food – thanks to all the artificial additives – fake flavours, fake sugar, fake muscle man on the label, Vital Protein powder is one of the few brands I am happy to give my nutritionist tick of approval because it’s made from pea protein vs whey, contains no nasties and actually tastes great! So if you’re looking for a healthy & convenient breakfast option, this is the perfect way to get your morning (easy to digest) protein hit! check out my coconut, raw chocolate & banana

Cobram Estate olive oil

The best thing about Cobram Estate olive oil is not only that it is Australian owned and grown, but they have even thought of this nifty pouring dispenser to help keep the delicate olive oil fresh and assist with pouring a measured serve. If you have read my e-book Eat Yourself Health In 28 days you will know that I am a big advocate, not just of olive oil, but of Australian grown and manufactured olive oil! This is because, like any oil, olive has a shelf life and fresh really is best! So when you go buying imported olive oil

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