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How to heal your gut with fermented foods

How to heal your gut with fermented foods

You may recall in my video on the 8 essential foods to avoid, I recommended steering clear of food and beverages containing yeast because of the negative impact they can have on your gut health.   But did you know that not all fermented foods and yeast are bad for your health and digestive function!  In fact traditionally fermented foods have been a part of a healthy diet in many cultures for thousands of years!  But with the advent of modern food processing techniques, many of these traditionally fermented foods disappeared from our diet, being replaced with packaged and artificially processed foods and frozen meals!

Many of the fermented foods we see on the supermarket shelves nowadays are unhealthy, because they contain the type of yeast that feeds the overgrowth of Candida within the gut.  These include foods such as tomato paste, vegemite, processed bread, condiments and bottled sauces like fish sauce; vinegars such as balsamic, and alcoholic beverages like beer and wine.

But the traditional process of fermenting foods allows for the growth of friendly strains of bacteria and yeast that helps to feed the colonies of good bacteria living within the human gut, (better known as our microbiome) and help to maintain healthy digestion and immune activity.

Examples of healthy fermented foods include:

  • Kefir
  • Kimchi and sauerkraut  – or fermented / pickled vegetables
  • Kombucha
  • Buttermilk
  • Yogurt

But although yogurt may contain friendly strains of bacteria, most commercially produced brands are an inferior source of probiotics for your gut, and are typically loaded with sugar, as well as being made predominantly on cow’s dairy – one of the most common triggers for food intolerances and immune problems.

So if you want to repair your gut, it’s essential to avoid the 8 inflammatory and highly acidic foods I recommend, and include a selection of the naturally fermented foods listed above, along with other gut healing foods, like bone broth.

For the full details on how to repair your gut, be sure to grab a copy of my e-book Eat Yourself Healthy which contains my 28 day eating program which will help you to overcome the most common health problems and illnesses, whether you want to improve your skin, balance your hormones, lose weight, heal from IBS, or autoimmune disease, or improve depression and anxiety, or thyroid function.

The best piece of health advice I can offer you, is that you are not just what you eat, but how well you digest and absorb your food. This determined by the state of your gut health, which will have a direct impact on the way you look and feel each and every day, as well your risk of disease later in life. Check out some of the testimonials from the thousands of people who have completed my eat yourself healthy gut repair program.


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