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How to do a post Easter detox

How to do a post Easter detox

So I guess I don’t need to ask if you over indulged in a few too many chocolate Easter eggs, hot cross buns with lashings of honey and maybe even a few too many sherbets this Easter break……?  After all isn’t that what holidays are for!? But with the Anzac day holiday on Friday, many of us are taking an extended and well deserved break and that might translate to a little extra ‘over indulgence’.  So now’s a good time to make a plan for tackling that sugar monster that may have taken up residence in your brain, post Easter and consider the healthiest way to shed those extra kilo’s – especially before the cold winter months are upon us and your hips start to earn compounding interest!

There’s no doubt winter is the time we tend to gain a little extra padding, as our eating habits shift from lighter, cooling foods, like salads and the morning vege juice, towards heavier, starchy foods, like bread, rice, pasta and porridge.  Combine this with being far less active, and you have a sure fire recipe for weight gain.   But wouldn’t it be nice to find a way to minimise the winter weight gain so you don’t need to work so hard over spring?

Well now is the perfect time to take action, while the weather is still on the warmer side and you’re more motivated to exercise and take on a cleanse.  As many of you will be aware, sugar is a highly addictive substance, so if you go through a period of eating more than usual, thanks to the Easter Bunny, then you might be experiencing a spike in those pesky cravings and these can be really tricky to bring under control in winter.

So I have a plan…. it’s exactly what I do when I feel my eating habits may have fallen by the way side and it works every time.  In fact the more you adopt these simple principles, the more quickly your body will respond each time, as you improve the health of your cellular blue print so to speak.

It all comes down to optimising your digestive function and balancing your hormones – naturally!  This is because our digestive system and hormones, dictate so much about the way our body functions and how we feel day to day, not to mention how well we metabolise food and our predisposition to weight gain.

So what’s the best way to regulate hormones and maximise digestion?  Reduce inflammation within your gut of course!  You’ve all heard me bang on about how critical good gut health is to your overall health and wellbeing – physical, as well as mental and emotional, yet so many of us are still looking in all the wrong places and adopting all the wrong tactics to achieve our health goals.  Losing weight and feeling great does not start with counting calories and pounding pavements and in many cases the latter can actually make you feel far worse and even down regulate your metabolic rate further!

You need to set the stage for your metabolic rate to follow and that starts with eliminating pro-inflammatory foods and ensuring your gut and digestive function are ship shape.  These are the foundations for my eating program  and gut repair and detox program and what I did to get my health on track when I was suffering Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and auto immune disease.

So take action with resetting your hormones now and you will note the difference over winter and beyond, because you are only a few days away from shifting your body’s biochemistry and subsequent health and happiness.  If you are inspired to do a short cleanse, or need to lose a few kilo’s, then grab a copy of my e-book  here and for double the results, combine my eating program with one of my gut repair and detox programs  here

Enjoy your Anzac long weekend everyone and remember….do whats harder today and tomorrow will be easier!

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