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Eat Yourself Healthy Program

Will I need to do lots of cooking on the program?

Well if drive thru Macca’s or Chinese takeaway has been your idea of a home cooked meal, then no doubt you will be making an adjustment to getting back in the kitchen to prepare your own food. But no need to stress, because I have designed my recipes for busy, time poor people with no prior cooking experience required and many of them can be doubled or tripled to store in the fridge or freezer for the next day or two.

Can I drink alcohol on the program?

If your goal is to look and feel as healthy as you can as fast as you can, then I recommend you avoid all alcohol for the duration of the 28 day program. However I know that sometimes important birthdays, (and no your best friends budgie, or your mum’s, brothers friend at work’s sister’s birthday doesn’t count) or events like weddings and anniversaries can fall in the middle of the program, so my advice is rather than wait for a 4 week stretch to appear in your diary when your social life is as dead as a doornail, just get

Can I still eat out the EYH program ?

Sure can, there are plenty of eateries and restaurants now days that cater to eating the EYH way, just as along as you are sticking to the core principles of the program, there is no need to stay at home like a ‘Nigel no mates’ and dine alone, or turn down that hot date!

What happens if there is a food that I can’t eat on the EYH program?

If you have an intolerance or allergy to any of the recommended foods on the EYH program, then of course I strongly recommend you continue to avoid these.

Can I stay on the EYH program for longer than 28 days?

Be my guest! In fact I highly recommend you adopt the principles of the EYH program for life at least 80% of the time, to ensure you stay as healthy as possible! The EYH program is designed to help you form healthy eating habits for life by rebalancing the biochemistry of your body, so you won’t want to return your unhealthy eating habits. Why feel good for just 28 days when you can feel great for life!

Will the EYH program help with food intolerances and sensitivities?

Why yes indeed it will, in fact the EYH program is designed to tackle just that through eliminating the most common food that folks tend to be intolerant or to. But the best part of the EYH program is that it doesn’t just eliminate the common foods people react to, it also focuses on repairing and healing your gut so that your immune system gets back into balance and you become less reactive or sensitive to certain foods.

Is the EYH program suitable for kids?

Sure is! Eating healthy is essential for young children, because every thing you feed them is shaping and influencing their future health as well as how they behave and function right now. The EYH program is nutritionally balanced to meet children’s nutrients requirements and is especially effective at addressing childhood allergies, and food intolerances, frequent colds and flu’s, hyperactivity and learning and concentration difficulties, as well as helps to combat childhood asthma and ADHD and symptoms associated with autism.

Is the program vegetarian / vegan-friendly?

Whilst I advocate eating some 100% grass fed red meat and organic chicken to maintain optimal protein consumption, I understand that animal protein does not agree with everyone – for moral or health reasons – so I have included some vegan / vegetarian recipes in the program, whilst others can be adapted to suit vegan/vegetarians.

Is the EYH program Gluten Free?

Yep, its’ gluten and cow’s dairy free and the program provides heaps of information about healthy gluten and cow’s dairy free alternatives, along with delicious recipes to tantalize your taste buds!

Will the EYH program repair my gut ?

“Is the pope a catholic?!” I have been preaching and practicing the importance of healthy gut function for nearly 18 years. The core principles of the EYH program are based around repairing your gut not only to ensure healthy digestion, but for maintaining total health and wellbeing and preventing chronic illness later in life. So no matter what your health goal or issue, the EYH program will help you to reach your full health potential, whilst preventing chronic illness.

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