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How to make activated nuts. Now you may think it a little odd to go activating your nuts, but I’m talking about the process of enhancing the nutritional benefits of raw nuts to make them even better for you!

Making activated nuts is actually really easy, you just need to do it when you are at home one day and prepare a big enough batch so that you have plenty on hand to last a couple of weeks.

Alternatively you can buy these in health food stores, but be prepared to pay a hefty price!

The purpose of activating nuts is to reduce the levels of phytic acid naturally contained within nuts.  Too much Phytic acid will block the absorption of essential minerals, so by activating your nuts, you can eat more and reduce this risk of consuming too much phytic acid!

The process of soaking the nuts will mean they have sprouted, activating the digestive enzymes and making them easier to digest.

How to make… 

  • Soak a big batch of mixed nuts such as almonds, walnuts, Brazil or pecans, ( you can soak any nut aside from macadamia or cashews – these cannot be soaked overnight, but can still be placed in the oven) overnight in a pot of water with a Tbsp. of Himalayan or Celtic sea salt.
  • Drain water off and rinse, then spread the nuts on a baking tray and place in an oven in the lowest temperature possible  – somewhere between 30 – 65C MAXIMUM    (too high and you will damage the essential fatty acids and defeat the purpose) for 12 hours.
  • Store in an air tight container either in the fridge of in cool dark pantry to maintain freshness and prevent oxidation from exposure to air.   Walla, you have activated your nuts!
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