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Annabel Tully

Annabel Tully (Central Queensland) My addiction to sugar has gone!

My health story is a checkered one… I am 41 years old, I have had 5 caesareans, breast cancer, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, premature menopause, breast cancer again, bilateral mastectomy, chemotherapy, breast reconstruction, removal of my ovaries, premature menopause again and recurring depression. If there is one thing I have learnt is that I need to take responsibility for my own health and actions everyday. My new mantra is “keep fuelling my body with good food and regular exercise, everyday not just some of the time”.

Like all “get my health back on track” attempts, Sally Eat Yourself Healthy program was approached like any other – with much gusto! My main goal was to kick the sugar addiction and I achieved not only that, but a few other surprises along the way.

The Eat Yourself Healthy program shone with one main message for me… health education, not just a one off, but ongoing health education. Through Sally’s clear, concise and informative information, a whole new way of living has opened up for me.

The gradual pace at which the program rolls out was the key to the success for me. It was so informative and allowed time for ideas to soak in and become habits, not just a quick ear bashing about how we should lose weight and the recipes and menu plans were delicious and doable. I have learnt to add green to every meal and her vege juice and smoothie recipes left my skin looking amazing! I was surprised at just how delicious vege juice can be!

I have realised that in general I have good eating habits, but I need to keep striving for a better balance – 80/20. As for my sugar addiction has gone, thanks to Sally’s program and if I do get cravings, I have a little 85% dark chocolate or Sally’s Bellisimo ball recipe, rather than dried fruit!!

My story is not one of amazement that in 28 days I achieved all my health goals…… my story is one of pure hard cold realisation that I need to be in this for the long haul, as the journey to better health for me has no end.

I cannot thank that vibrant young healthy shoot from the hip Sally Joseph enough, for opening my eyes and educating me in eating my way to good health.

Are you ready to get healthy so you can look and feel great everyday?
Grab your copy of of Eat Yourself Healthy now!”

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