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Eat Yourself Healthy – Sally Joseph

Week 4 Meal Plan

Week 4 Sample Meal Plan

Day 1: Sunday

Metabolism booster
Poached green eggs and bacon
Roast chicken, mixed roast veges
Zucchini noodles, pesto
Avocado snack

Day 2: Monday

Bone broth
Grain free bircher muesli
Salmon herb fritatta
Pan fried whiting, haloumi, tapenade
Coconut milk kefir

Day 3: Tuesday

Green goddess vegetable juice
Green goddess power smoothie
Goat feta, almond, quinoa, chicken salad
Salmon herb fritatta
Almond hummus and celery sticks

Day 4: Wednesday

Bone broth
Grain free granola
Pea and zucchini fritters
Creamy cauliflower and leek soup
Bellisimo balls

Day 5: Thursday

Lemon and warm water
Choc coconut banana smoothie
Tuna nicoise salad
Slow cooked lamb shanks
Almond nut butter

Day 6: Friday

Metabolism booster
Grain free granola
Paleo sheperds pie
Lamb cutlets, dukkah and yummy zucchini
Coconut choc clusters

Day 7: Saturday

Green goddess vegetable juice
Goat feta, avo, herb omelette
pear, walnut, goat feta salad and chicken
Beef and vege rissoles
Mixed nuts and herbal tea




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