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Measure Up

As part of your preparation tasks for the 6WK Program, I recommend you take your body measurements, as this is one of the most accurate ways to assess changes in your fat and muscle mass.   By taking your measurements both before and after the program, you can compare the results, and assess how much your body shape has shifted since beginning the 6WK Program.

I recommend you do this in addition to weighing yourself on the scales, because muscle weighs more than fat, and if you have been gaining muscle as well as losing fat on the program, the scales will not provide a true reflection of your overall fat loss.  The only acception to this, is if you use a set of scales that assess body fat, as well as muscle mass such as the Tanita scale.

I also recommend you take a before and after photo of your body from the front, back and side, wearing either a swim suit or exercise clothing, as this will also reflect any changes in your body shape and help to motivate you to maintain the program.

Remember individual results may vary, depending on compliance and pre existing health conditions.  Do not be disheartened if you do not shed any or much weight initially on the program, as this can often be the case as your digestive system detoxifies. Remember fast weight loss is never safe OR long term!  Just be patient and stick to the program.  To stimulate weight loss, I recommend combining the eating program with the gut repair and detox pack.

Download the Measure Up PDF  document below and follow the instructions for how to accurately take your body measurements and then repeat this in 4 – 6 weeks after making any dietary changes.  You may also choose to take them again another 4 weeks later until you reach your goal weight and body shape.

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