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Eat Yourself Healthy – Sally Joseph


Damien Dubbo

Damien, Dubbo, I no longer wake with headaches, my energy levels have returned and I’m able to compete in a half ironman!”

I had been on an anti depressant medications for approximately 3 years, when life just got too much for me to handle or control. Aspects of my life changed dramatically for the better on the anti depressants, and after consulting with my Doctor, I was able to reduce my dose to a point where I tried going off it completely, but sadly this was not successful. After going back on the anti depressant medication, I became aware that little things ‘just weren’t right’ – I would often wake in the morning with headaches, extremely lethargic and my memory was not functioning often forgetting small things.

I first came across Sally’s program when she spoke at a work function and explained the importance of using food as medicine to access the nutrients our body requires to function optimally. Listening to Sally, it all just made sense – with regards to where I was at in my life and with my own illness. Through Sally’s Eat Yourself Healthy program, my symptoms started to disappear after a short period of time.

Today, I no longer wake with headaches, my energy levels have returned and continue to increase – I’m now able to compete in a half iron man! I pride myself now on being able to remember the small stuff, which for a period of time, seemed to get lost in the mind somewhere.

I continue to work on my nutrition and follow my supplement program – so that I can reach my goal – to cease the need for prescription medications all together. My family can also see that I am in a better place, which I truly believe is a result of Sally and her Eat Yourself Healthy Program.

Are you ready to get healthy so you can look and feel great everyday?
Grab your copy of of Eat Yourself Healthy now!”

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