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Belinda Green

Belinda Green, Pilates Instructor – I now have clear skin and the program really worked to boost my energy. I feel amazing!

I decided to try Sally’s Eat Yourself Healthy program when I was experiencing severe fatigue and starting to gain weight. I am a personal trainer and have always eaten what I thought was a healthy diet and exercised regularly, with spin classes, running and weights. But when I started to gain weight despite exercising more, I knew something wasn’t working and if anything I became more tired and started to retain fluid.

I looked into the Paleo and raw food diets but I found the Paleo diet was highly acidic having to rely on so much meat and the supposedly healthy raw desserts were way too high in sugar for me – lots of maple syrup, agave, honey and dates which only fed my sugar addiction! And there were so many nuts which affected my digestion.

After neither of these eating programs worked for me, I tried Sally’s Eat Yourself Healthy program, which taught me more about how different foods affect my body and I love that it kicked off with an alkalizing detox to help reboot my entire digestive system and eliminate stored toxins.

By day 4 my digestive system felt amazing! I then followed on with the 28 day eating program, which I am able to incorporate into my everyday life. I lost weight and felt great and I was finally able to stop the contraceptive pill after struggling to come off it for 6 years without experiencing hormonal acne! I now have clear skin and the program really worked to to boost energy. I feel great and look good.

Are you ready to get healthy so you can look and feel great everyday?
Grab your copy of of Eat Yourself Healthy now!”

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