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Vital Greens 600g

Vital Greens 600g

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Vital Greens was developed in 2000 by two iconic Sydney naturopaths, Shane Sullivan and Stephen Sprada. At this time Shane and Stephen noticed an influx of clients with gut, bowel and digestive problems. Many of their clients were taking large amounts of supplements, some up to 30 tablets a day. Shane and Stephen therefore created a comprehensive powder formula that addressed digestive conditions and poor absorption – and Vital Greens was born. Vital Protein (formerly Phyto-protein) is the highest concentration of vegetable plant protein available, and an ideal companion to Vital Greens. Yellow Peas (Pisum sativa) have been known for centuries as a healthy vegetable food and have been part of the human balanced diet thanks to the absence of lipids and their high protein, starch and fibre content. The main difference between green peas and yellow peas is the harvesting date: green peas are harvested before maturity; yellow peas are harvested at maturity. And because Vital Protein is a vegetable based complete protein, it is suitable for those who suffer from allergies and have restricted diets. In May 2011, Martin and Pleasance Pty Ltd acquired the Vital Greens and Vital Protein range. Logical Nutrition had outgrown their capacity as a small company to effectively manage the growth due to the sheer success of the business in the past eleven years. Shane and Stephen felt the quality of service they could provide to their customers was being compromised because of this. Shane and Stephen are still heavily involved in the Vital brand and products.


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