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Do New Year’s Resolutions Really Work?

Do New Year's Resolutions Really Work?

So here we are again, pondering our navels, (maybe an expanding one at that), wondering what we want to be different in our life for the new year ahead.  If your like most folk, your new year’s resolutions probably include something along the lines of “losing weight, exercising more and eating a healthier diet”. But do new years’s resolutions really work or are they just fleeting moments of gusto that pass as fast as the new year itself?  The key to making long lasting change in our life, I believe, is to tap into and understand what motivates us. In other words…. what makes you feel good?  For me, feeling good motivates me, which makes me no different to most people and for me personally, feeling good comes from eating healthy food and living a healthy lifestyle, surrounded by people I love.

I once lost my health in a big way, so now feeling good provides me with the freedom of choice – to do what I want, rather than being stuck in a bed for most of my waking hours ( as was the case when I had CFS and Lupus).  Having the energy and vitality I need to do what I want and need to do each day, whether it be to catch waves on my paddle board for a couple of hours before work or having the clarity and brain power to tackle my many work commitments, or the simple fact of feeling content and happy in myself and with those around me.  These are the things I want and feel I need to live a happy, fulfilling life.  They may sound simple enough, but for me, keeping life simple is one of the  true keys to happiness.  You see when we keep things simple in our life, whether it be our food, our exercise, our relationships or our lifestyle, history has proven that we are pretty well guaranteed to live happier, healthier lives.  Problem now days is that for most of us, life is not so simple.  We work too long and too hard, we are often financially over committed, we have husbands and wives or partners and children and pets and all the trappings that come with these and modern day life and so often we struggle to maintain balance with the simplest of things, and THIS is what so often lands us in a place or circumstance, that we are less than satisfied with.

So if you have been contemplating your new year’s resolutions and what you want to change in the year ahead, then a little tip that may help…..whatever it is, or whom ever it is with, aim to ‘keep it simple’ because simplifying your life will more often than not, help you to achieve what it is you want, leaving you feeling more content and happier.

Of course I personally believe starting with the food you choose to eat each day, is a pretty smart place to start in achieving what you want in life, because food alone will dictate a VERY large part of how we function and feel and how we feel, influences so many of the choices we make and ultimately how our life pans out.

Happy 2014 everyone, I wish you simplicity and happiness in all that you do.

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