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Meredith Dairy Sheep’s Yoghurt

Healthy Diet Yoghurt If you have been trying to kick the cow’s dairy, but can’t give up your love of yoghurt, then I highly recommend Meredith Dairy sheep’s yoghurt as a delicous and healthy alternative. Sheep’s dairy contains the healthier A2 protein vs the A1 protein contained in conventional cow’s dairy products. I spoke about the health issues related to consumption of A1 cow’s dairy in a recent post, check it out here.

Thanks to Meredith Sheep’s yoghurt you won’t feel like your missing out on delicious creamy yoghurt! See my recipe for mint and tahini yoghurt dressing. I also recommend switching your kids to sheep’s yoghurt because, unllike so many other brand’s, its sugar free and great for children who are prone to reacting to the A1 protein in cow’s dairy.

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  1. Hi Sally, Do you have a good quality Probiotic that you could recommend for a 2 year old and a 9 month old? I buy the meredith yoghurt for my 2 year old to eat daily but it usually runs out within a couple of days each week. thank you 🙂

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