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Fegari Seafood, Melbourne

Fegari Seafood, Melbourne

This week I have been on a Melbourne organic and healthy food trail, researching some of the tastiest and healthiest eats n’ treats Melbourne has to offer for an upcoming post I’m writing. But I thought I’d give you a sneak peak at what I believe is a rare gem when it comes to getting the best quality and freshest fish and seafood. You may be aware much of our seafood is becoming increasingly contaminated with heavy metals and chemicals from polluted waters, but Fegari’s Seafood in Hampton Melbourne, owned by longtime fisherman, come seafood Provedore, Ari and his wife Mary, only sources seafood from the cleaner oceans off Broome, Sth Australia, King Island, Tasmania, NZ and the Northern Territory and the fish comes direct to you from the fisherman, making it export quality – something we usually miss out on.

All Fegari’s fish are long line caught, versus netted and Ari does not sell any farmed seafood – which are fed hormones and anti- biotics.

Many seafood shops sell fish caught in oceans around Asia, which contain much higher levels of mercury and chemicals from industrial run off, so when eating seafood it is important to know where your fish was caught and avoid farmed varieties.

Fegari’s can be found at  425 Hampton St, Hampton, VIC, 3188

Phone number: (03) 95334411

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