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Eat Yourself Healthy – Sally Joseph

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Do I have to give up alcohol and coffee?

Coffee and alcohol are two of the most common substances that cause problems with our health, for the simple reason that they are toxins, placing excess stress on our liver and adrenals.  If you are serious about getting healthy and feeling the best you have ever felt, then doesn’t it make sense to avoid the things that make you look and feel anything but your best?  It’s only for 28 days and I’ve included plenty of healthy and delicious beverages so you won’t be craving your morning coffee and you’ll feel so good you won’t want any alcohol.

Can I join the program from overseas?

Sure can!  No matter where you live in the world, I’d love to have you on board!  You can view the daily videos and emails I’ll be sending you anytime of the day. And because the webinars are pre recorded they will be delivered to your inbox for you to view whenever it suits your schedule.

Is this a detox program?

If you are keen to overhaul to your health then it’s a given that the program should improve the function of your digestive system and stimulate natural detoxification to eliminate all those nasty toxins.  You won’t need to worry about eating any rabbit food though, because I have designed my recipes and meal plans to be packed with flavour! So you will never know your body is detoxing, except that you will start to look and feel fantastic!  Any of the meals can be adapted to be included in your every day diet beyond the program.

Will I lose weight?

The main aim of EYH program is to teach you how to develop healthy eating habits for life so that you can experience an ongoing level of optimal health and restore your natural appetite and find your bodies natural healthy weight. So although many people lose weight on the program, for some, the bulk of their fat loss process begins towards the end, or after the program, depending how long it takes to restore the function of their digestive and bowel function because this is the most effective way to reignite your metabolic rate long term. Exactly how much weight

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