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Corporate Health Packages

Sally Joseph Health and Wellbeing consulting services was established with the aim of providing the most cutting edge and comprehensive preventative health programs to large and small corporations and their employees. These programs are conducted onsite enabling convenient access to preventative health care and education to improve employees quality of life and work place productivity and moral.

Sally Joseph’s preventative health programs can be provided to corporations within any industry, including finance, insurance, telecommunications, property & media and are tailor made to suit a company’s individual employee needs and areas of interest.

Services on offer include group presentations on a variety of health and wellness topics that aim to educate the participant more about their body and how to get the most out of their health and general wellbeing. Seminar topics include how to manage and prevent stress, what foods are really good for you, the best forms of exercise to suit your body type, how to eat healthily while eating out and many more.

Employees also have the option of attending a one on one, onsite consultation with Sally. These consultations provide staff with the opportunity to address their individual health needs through a persoanl health assessment and implementation of an immediate health and wellbeing treatment plan. Included in the assessment is a NASA developed cellular age test.

Sally Joseph Health and Wellbeing consulting services can also provide individual health care programs and ongoing support through

  • Preventative health programs
  • Stress prevention & management programs
  • Detox programs
  • Anti- ageing programs
  • Specialised Men’s and Women’s health programs

The preventive health & nutrition services offered by Sally Joseph can provide your company with as basic or comprehensive service, depending on your companies needs and goals when it comes to ensuring your valuable employees are performing at their peak in the work place. We can handle all the planning and organization in assisting you to implement the best executive health care services your company desires.

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