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About Sally Joseph

Sally Joseph is qualified Clinical Nutritionist with over 16 years industry and clinical experience. Sally’s services have been sort out by actors, models and celebrities, including Miranda Kerr, Lara Bingle, Layne Beachley, Sarah Wilson, Tracey Emin, Michael Slater and INXS. Renowned as one of the most trusted and knowledgeable authorities in the health and wellbeing industry, Sally is available as a spokesperson and ambassador for products and services she feels are aligned with her core health philosophies and principles.

About the Eat Yourself Healthy 6 week program

The Eat Yourself Healthy 6 wk program was developed by renowned Nutritionist Sally Joseph. After running a successful clinic in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, the demand for Sally’s services outgrew her practice and so the EYH 6wk program was born. This is an online program developed with the aim of delivering Sally’s cutting edge knowledge on all things healthy to people anywhere in the world, the program steps members through a series of daily educational videos and recipe demonstrations delivered over a 6 week period. The EYH program is designed to help members learn the essentials for adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle for life.


Sally’s has an extremely loyal and established following with a broad appeal, predominantly to health conscious females aged between 21 – 55. Her online community is fast-growing and will continue to expand with the release of several upcoming products on a global scale.

Advertising opportunities

Sally believes in closely collaborating with potential advertisers and sponsors, who are aligned with her health principles and is able to develop a tailor made campaign designed to meet their individual needs to ensure your message stands out from the crowd. We also offer a range of partnership opportunities.


A limited number of Platinum “Official” Partnerships are available to selected like-minded advertisers. Partnerships are a 6-12 month commitment on the 6 WK Eat Yourself Healthy program which runs 5-6 times per year (with year round access to content for participants), and includes:

  • Guest posts
  • Links for an agreed selection of key phrases related to your product
  • Product placement in both public and membership only program posts and videos
  • Sidebar ads within EYH 6WK program content
  • Premium listing in EYH Health Directory
  • Branded ‘Official Partner’ access to program forums
  • Priority goodwill consideration (product placement for media coverage)
  • Custom activations for your brand
  • Access to EYH events, e-Books and more…

Additional advertising opportunities:

  • Website Display Ad Medium Rectangle
  • Editorial sponsorships
  • Sponsored Giveaways
  • Featured Directory Listing
  • Integrated advertising formats
  • Full video production services
  • Custom e-Cookbooks, events and much more

For all advertising rates please contact our sales team directly using the contact form located here.

Media Work

Sally is also available for media contributions, including magazine articles, radio interviews and event speaking. Visit Sally’s Media page to view media contributions.

For all media enquiries contact Julie Torrance on Julie@jtm.com.au for more information.

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