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Monthly archive for April 2014

How to do a post Easter detox

How to do a post Easter detox

So I guess I don’t need to ask if you over indulged in a few too many chocolate Easter eggs, hot cross buns with lashings of honey and maybe even a few too many sherbets this Easter break……?  After all isn’t that what holidays are for!? But with the Anzac day holiday on Friday, many of us are taking an extended and well deserved break and that might translate to a little extra ‘over indulgence’.  So now’s a good time to make a plan for tackling that sugar monster that may have taken up residence in your brain, post Easter

Do You Fear Change…?

Do You Fear Change...?

I was chatting on the phone to a friend the other night, having one of those conversations that close friends do – sharing stories, listening and supporting one another through whatever it is we were going through, when something he said disturbed, or should I say triggered an emotion in me.   The conversation had turned towards a mutual friend and the emotional challenges they had been going through recently.  My friend commented that “making change is hard”, as the reason why our friend had been struggling to overcome his ‘demons’ so to speak and shift the direction of his

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