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Monthly archive for October 2013

Butter vs margarine… still confused?

Butter vs margarine... still confused?

  It seems many of us are still falling victim to the clever marketing ploys adopted by manufacturers of margarine.  Claims that margarine is ‘good for your heart health’ and will ‘lower your cholesterol’, not to mention the latest Meadow lea advertisement using cute little kids to ‘guilt’ us into using margarine, or we’ll develop heart disease and die, is quite frankly totally misleading  and a load of rubbish!  I say rubbish, because that’s exactly what margarine is and I’m about to explain why.  To make matters worse, the fact margarine is endorsed by the heart foundation, sporting it’s little

Soy…NOT… "So Good"

Soy...NOT... "So Good"

  Soy has long been portrayed as a ‘health food’ when in fact nothing could be further from the truth!  The soy story sounds more like something out of a Hollywood movie….involving ‘money, power, lies and deception!’ Even big time celebrities and elite athletes have been brought onboard to help sell the soy story, as a health and even beauty food!  Yep…it seems when you have buckets of money behind you, you can make people believe anything!  And that’s just what the soy industry has done, for one simple reason… there is BIG bucks in soy, nothing more nothing less. The real story behind soy is this.  There are two types

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