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Total Body Overhaul Packages

The Total Body Over Haul Program is a one on one, personalised,  coaching program, developed by Clinical Nutritionist Sally Joseph, to fast track your success in making the necessary changes to achieve the body and level of health you  truly desire.


All too often we know what we desire with our health, whether it be more energy, better sleep, a brighter, clearer complexion, stable weight, the knowledge to understand what to feed our body and when, how to make easy quick healthy meals, how to eat on the run and stay healthy, how to make healthy menu choices when eating out, the best exercise program to suit your metabolism and fitness level, how to achieve more balance in your life through managing stress and the demands of everyday life.


But the path to achieving these health goals often proves too over whelming and can be hindered by time constraints, a lack of knowledge and motivation, preventing us from achieving our goals. Perhaps the greatest obstacle standing between us and the body we desire is will power and knowledge. This is where the total Body overhaul system comes into play.


Sally understands that each and everyone one of her clients is unique in their body, personality, genetics, lifestyle and daily life demands. By getting to know these unique traits in a person, through spending one on one time in the comfort and convenience of your own home, Sally is able to tailor a personalised program using a system guaranteed to get long term results.


You could say the total body overhaul is a little like visiting a health retreat without having to leave your own home, whilst having your very own health & wellbeing coach to guide you every step of the way.

What Can The Total Body Overhaul Service Do For You?
We begin the program with an initial workshop style meeting in the comfort of your own home. This meeting is designed to gain a comprehensive insight into your specific health goals and needs, to understand what areas of your health and daily lifestyle require ‘overhauling’.
A detailed medical case history, dietary and lifestyle assessment is also compiled so that I can design the most suitable program for you.

Pantry Audit & Personalised Grocery Tours
The next step in your Total Body Overhaul is to undergo a pantry audit.  Sally will take you through the foods in your pantry and refrigerator and educate on the which ones are healthy for you and your family and which ones are best avoided.

She will then take you on a guided educational tour of your local grovery store so that you can learn how to shop for healthy foods by understanding whats in your groceries and how to interprit those confusing labels so you wont be fooled by clever marketing tricks used to make food appear healthy.
We can also pay a visit to your local cafes and restaurants so that I can show you how to make the best menu choices when dining out or ordering take out.


Cooking Classes         
After our grocery trip, I will provide you with a personalised cooking class in your own kitchen, so that you can learn quick and easy meals to prepare for you or your whole family and there is no need to worry if you have never picked up a saucepan in your life, because my recipes and meal ideas are designed for the novice as much as they are for the more creative cook.
Creating a personal space in your life
Learning to take time out for yourself every day is critical in achieving total wellbeing in your body and mind. Surprisingly many of  us don’t take enough time out for ourselves because our lives become too hectic and everything else becomes a priority above us. This service is used to assess how you can get back that ‘you time’ into your life, without compromising your other commitments.  This service can also  include a personalised  meditation, Qui Gong or yoga class designed just for you through fellow talented practitioners as recommend by Sally.


Personal training        
The Total Body Overhaul service can also provide you with a qualified personal trainer, handpicked by Sally to best suit your fitness needs and personality.   Personal trainers are a dime a dozen now days and many lack the skills and experience necessary to understand a person’s individual needs. Sally can give you peace of mind in assisting in making your choice thanks to her strong technical science back ground and twelve years of industry experience.


Home Delivery Grocery Service     
This service is designed to keep you on track by taking the hassle out of shopping. The Total Body Overhaul service can provide you with certified organic fresh produce, delivered to your home or office as often as you require.
Home delivered meals
Too busy to cook or just need a break from the kitchen but still want to stay healthy? We have teamed up with chefs who can prepare fresh organic meals according to Sally’s nutritional recommendations and can supply you with a choice of 2 – 3 meals per day, delivered fresh to your home or office. Now there is no excuse to stray from the program!
So if your looking for a way to change your life, starting with your health but don’t have the time or lack the motivation to get going, then contact us today and find out more about how I can assist you with a Total Body Overhaul.

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