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Matt Farmer

Matthew Farmer (Sydney) This program set me on a course to better health 12 years ago, which I still enjoy today!

It became apparant in my mid thirties that good health was not something that just happened, it was and is about making responsible choices. It is for that reason I contacted Sally Joseph and started a detox program. Sally provided all the information and tips and techniques to get through the program and so with much enthusiasm I commenced the 4 week program.

The early days were a little tough, no coffee, no sugar, no alcohol, in general no “fun stuff”, but I was prepared for this so it didn’t come as any shock. The supplements were ok too, Sally had even given me some advice on how to make them taste good so I actually enjoyed taking them!!

After the first tough week I felt pretty good, I woke in the morning feeling more alive and refreshed than I had ever felt. Because of this I was even more committed in week 2 and 3 and as each week progressed my energy levels increased, I lost weight and I looked healthier. You often hear people say that after a detox your skin, eyes and hair look good, well it’s true!!

I kept in contact with Sally to discuss my progress, Sally’s honest, relaxed and candidate style ensured I understood the process I was going through and why it was so good for me. Most importantly I felt in control of the process.

After the 4 week program I had never felt better and made a committment to myself that my in take of the “fun” stuff was limited to the occasional indulgence rather than the daily routine I had formed.

Thank you Sally for the Eat Yourself Healthy program & the difference it has made to my life.

Are you ready to get healthy so you can look and feel great everyday?
Grab your copy of of Eat Yourself Healthy now!”

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