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Georgie Uppington

Georgie (Singapore) Sally’s gut repair program totally fixed my digestion – no more gas and bloating! I lost 15 kilo’s and it’s so easy to apply the eat Yourself Healthy program to my every day life!

I’ve had a tummy most of my life, and when I decided to do something about it I saw a nutritionist who politely told me I was obese. I learnt about portion control, but I wasn’t educated on the importance of alkalising my system or how to fix my digestion to achieve my health goals long term.

My weight loss also started to plateau and I wanted to lose the pudge from my stomach and reduce the stress it was putting on my heart, but no amount of exercise would shift it! Then I discovered Sally’s eat Yourself Healthy program, which taught me about the importance of fixing my digestion in order to lose the remaining weight.

I discovered I wasn’t absorbing my food properly, and the initial detox kick started amazing changes to my digestion. It’s so easy to apply the principals of the EYH program to my every day life and I no longer suffer IBS! The recipes are so delicious and easy to make, once you fill your pantry with all the right ingredients and I rarely feel deprived of anything. All it just takes is a little bit of organization for a whole lot of healthy gain.

I have now reached my goal weight and no longer suffer fluid retention and my digestion is back on track. It is such a simple approach to clean, healthy eating, and I believe Sally’s program has solved my health issues through targeting my gut health. I would recommend anyone give it a go and see how their body responds, because it is sure to be positive from the first 28 days and beyond.

Are you ready to get healthy so you can look and feel great everyday?
Grab your copy of of Eat Yourself Healthy now!”

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