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Does Cow’s Dairy Leach Calcium From Your Bones?

Does Cow's Dairy Leach Calcium From Your Bones?

The case against cow’s dairy and whether it plays an ‘essential role in our health’, is an age old argument, causing plenty of controversy and a divide amongst health professionals.  To help dispel much of the confusion surrounding cow’s dairy and the role it plays in our diet, I’ve broken down the science for you so you can be clear about the facts on this supposed ‘essential food’ and whether we really need to consume cow’s dairy for strong, healthy bones. We’re taught from a young age that cow’s dairy will help our bones and teeth to grow strong and when we’re in

Could your thyroid be the problem?

Could your thyroid be the problem?

Thyroid health is something I deal with everyday, not just professionally as a Clinical Nutritionist, but because I too have a thyroid condition that I work hard to keep in check. Thyroid conditions are something I have seen increase at an alarming rate over the past 17 years in clinical practice, and it greatly concerns me to see how devastating the effects can be on sufferers day to day function and overall life – including their relationships. But perhaps even more concerning is the number of people who go undiagnosed, or are misdiagnosed by the medical profession. Those that may

Who are you really getting your health advice from?

Who are you really getting your health advice from?

In today’s day and age of technology and the internet, we have seen a BOOM in accessible information online, from all over the world and from all walks of life. Like most things in life, this phenomena has it’s ‘pro’s’ and it’s ‘con’s’.  For starters, the internet has enabled us to  better self educate, providing us with more knowledge and in return, more power and choices. But when it comes to health, sometimes too much information can be  just as harmful as too little, especially when anyone can post anything, when it comes to health advice on the net. Because there is

Your right to access natural medicine is under threat

Your right to access natural medicine is under threat

Many of you who read this blog will have either consulted me as a patient for complementary health care using nutritional and or herbal medicine, or follow it because you use complementary medicine as part of maintaining your health and wellbeing and are keen to stay abreast of how to live an optimally healthy life. Well what would you say if I told you that your right to access complementary medicine and practitioners was under grave threat because of a proposed new government legislation that would see your freedom of choice in health care options taken away from you?  Would the loss

If you wouldn’t drink it then why put it on your skin?

If you wouldn't drink it then why put it on your skin?

In previous posts I have written about many of the essential things we need to do to function at our best, one the most important being to minimise our exposure to toxins. Toxins find their way into our body through a variety of means, ranging from the obvious – alcohol, drugs, caffeine, nicotine and pharmaceutical and recreational drugs, as well as through foods such as artificial sweeteners, nitrates used in processed meats such as salami and bacon and ham, processed or trans fats, preservatives, colours, flavours and non-organic foods that have been contaminated with chemical sprays and antibiotics. But there is another

One Man’s Incredible Story Part II

One Man's Incredible Story Part II

  You may recall Fred’s story from my last post about his journey to recovery from acute, debilitating anxiety, simply through changing his diet and fixing his gut and replenishing nutrient deficiencies. As you may recall Fred had suffered major anxiety as far back as his childhood, along with ADHD and later on, alcoholism and chronic fatigue. The Dr’s answer to Fred’s search for answers….. dose him up on a cocktail of chemical uppers and downers,  as well as more misdiagnoses than underwear changes!  There is no doubt that some of the pharmaceutical medications he was prescribed brought Fred back from the brink of near death and

One Man’s Incredible Story…Why he quit gluten

One Man's Incredible Story...Why he quit gluten

For those of you who have seen me as a patient or have read my e-book Eat Yourself Healthy In 28 Days, you’ll be familiar with my stance on gluten.  Gluten is something we are hearing more and more about and the impact it is having on our health.  If you missed my first post on gluten, you can read it here to bring you up to speed.  But in this post, I wanted to share with you a truly inspirational story about one man’s journey with his health and the life changing impact when he quit gluten. For the purpose of this post I’ll

What causes Hashimoto’s and other weird Autoimmune diseases

What causes Hashimoto's and other weird Autoimmune diseases

  It seems many of you are suffering from, or at least know someone who has some form of Auto immune (AI) disease. The truth is 1 in 5 people living in the western world suffer from one of the 80 existing AI diseases and this statistic is rising, including a doubling in the rate of Multiple Sclerosis in the last ten years. Autoimmune diseases occur when the immune system loses the ability to detect self from non self and consequently launches an attack against it’s own healthy tissues or organs. The hyperactive immune activity triggers a chronic inflammatory response, through

Why am I so tired?…..

Why am I so tired?.....

  What does it say about our society when the most commonly prescribed pharmaceutical drugs include, anti-inflammatory’s, sleeping pills and anti-depressants? This begs the question, what went wrong and why have we turned to these medications for support? These drugs represent pain, insomnia, depression and anxiety, all of which are symptoms associated with a silent but very real epidemic, known as Adrenal Insufficiency Syndrome. Adrenal Insufficiency Syndrome (AIS) is described as the inability to produce adequate adrenal hormones, in particular cortisol. Cortisol is a stress response hormone produced by the adrenal glands. It plays a vital role in allowing our

Have we taken the sun safe message too far?

Have we taken the sun safe message too far?

  I recently read an article in a Sunday magazine interviewing the beautiful Aussie actress, Cate Blanchett about her views for preserving and maintaining beautiful skin. There is no doubt the journalist’s choice in Cate Blanchett as a spokeswoman and icon for beautiful healthy skin was aptly chosen, however whilst her flawless complexion is undeniably a combination of blessed genetics, healthy diet and a scrupulous skin care regime (she is the face of skin care brand SKII after all), I was disturbed by the journalists extreme and unbalanced portrayal of the dangers surrounding sun expsoure – choosing fear based quotes such as ‘sun

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