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How detox can ovehaul your health

How detox can ovehaul your health


When searching for answers to our health problems, it’s essential to target the root underlying cause.  Many of us, including the conventional medicine model, tend to focus on treating the visible symptoms, failing to realise that the cause of many health problems actually stems from a poorly functioning digestive system – specifically the GUT or gastrointestinal tract, in addition to eating the wrong foods and being exposed to excess levels of stress. When I work with a patient, I view my approach to their treatment a little like building a house.  First we need to lay the foundations for building new healthy cells, which includes ensuring the plumbing and electricals – or wiring of the house – are functioning optimally.  The plumbing in this analogy, is representative of the human digestive system, and the electrical system is representative of the body’s CNS – central nervous system.  The function of the digestive system is directly interconnected with the function of the CNS – through what is referred to as the “gut brain connection”.  Put simply the function of our gut has a direct impact on the function of our brain and vice a versa.  So what does all this have to do with detox you may ask?  Well, implementing an effective detoxification program is the most effective and holistic approach to calibrate the function of your digestive and central nervous system, which will inturn improve your overall health and wellbeing.

BUT NOT ALL DETOX PROGRAMS WERE CREATED EQUAL!  An effective detox program work to target the following:

  • Reduce acidity and toxicity so that your body’s pH is more alkaline
  • Improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients from your food
  • Regulate bowel function to improve elimination of waste – ideally you should be going 2-3 times per day to prevent excess toxins and waste accumulating within the bowel
  • Heal and seal your gut wall
  • Stimulate the liver to process and eliminate toxins efficiently
  • Eliminate pathogens such as excess Candida, bad bacteria and or parasites from with your gut
  • Restore balance to your intestinal flora (good bacteria) colonies

You’ve no doubt heard of the saying ‘You are what you eat’, but many don’t realise we are also what we digest. This means if the organs of the digestive system fail to function optimally, then we will not digest the food we eat effectively. Undigested food will begin to accumulate within the intestine and the body will fail to effectively digest and absorb nutrients from our food.  Over time the excess accumulation of undigested food particles within the intestine, begins to rot – resembling a compost bin – smelly, damp and mouldy – thanks to the fermenting undigested food and waste.  Aside from eating nutrient deficient and processed foods, this is the start of ill health. Initially we may experience symptoms such as bloating flatulence, reflux, constipation or diarrhea – better known as IBS, but as these symptoms progress, other body systems will become affected.

The first thing thing we tend to reach for when digestive related symptoms kick in are laxatives, metamucil – which is loaded with sugar and antacids like nexium, but these medications do little to treat the cause of the problem and merely offer temporary relief, whilst exacerbating the root of the problem.

So my advice to anyone suffering from common ailments like IBS, fatigue, weight gain, adrenal exhaustion, PMT, acne or skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, Autoimmune or thyroid conditions, and especially neurological disorders like depression and anxiety….stop looking for symptom relief and head straight to the guts of the problem (pardon the pun) and get your digestive system functioning properly in combination with overhauling your diet.

Your body will truly thank you for it and you will finally put an end to your search for answers and the hundreds of dollars you may have spent on a million different pills and potions, to no avail. If you don’t believe me, hear what some fellow peeps who have undertaken my detox program  have to say about their experiences:

Amy Makim “The detox program left my skin glowing and soft with less wrinkles around my eyes, a flatter tummy and I lost 5.5 kg in the first week!”

Kathyrn Whitlock “By week 3 on Sally’s Detox I lost 5kg and was feeling so much better. I learnt a lot regarding gluten free eating (which I have now adopted) as well as how acid vs alkaline foods affect your health. The program has made a huge difference to my health and now I take one look at unhealthy foods and think yuck, which I’ve never done before!”

Jess Moda “Thank you Sally for writing your e-book Eat Yourself Healthy – it explains everything I wanted to know about how to improve my health and lose weight, without starving myself, or eating boring food! I lost 7 kg’s in 3 weeks and I never felt hungry and my skin is glowing, I no longer need laser on my skin or expensive creams because it is healthy from the inside now.”

In my e-book Eat Yourself Healthy I spell out exactly what you need to do to get healthy and lose weight for good. By combining the eating program with my complete gut repair and detox program you will experience the full effect, as the gut repair and detox supplements works to restore function back to your digestive system.

For inspiration on how to prepare healthy meals on my program, check my recipe library, they are quick and easy and are all detox friendly!

Til my next post, healthy eating!

For more health tips and delicious recipes, checkout my e-book, Eat Yourself Healthy.
It's not just a healthy diet, but a way of life, so you can feel better than you have ever felt before .
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